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2 Guns Unites Iconic Accessories: Denzel’s Hats and Mark’s Shirts

Call it clash of the titans. In addition to presenting a pair of action heros in sundry action poses, current box-office champ 2 Guns also offers a teaming up of sartorial icons: Denzel Washington’s splendidly worn hats and Mark Wahlberg’s ever-tightening shirts xbox one gamestop.
Denzel has proven he can pull off any head covering, whether a straight ball cap, bandana, military hat or—and especially—any variant of the classic fedora. Mr. Wahlberg? His repertoire may not be as wide-ranging—gray, white and black prove most popular—but still as prominent when he dons his shirts.
The pairing of these two signature accessories—we’re pleased to see both making an appearance on the movie’s poster—had us looking back at their storied histories titanfall review 2.

Denzel+Mark - Glory

Denzel: A Man in Uniform

Denzel has tackled a few military roles, like Courage Under Fire, but it was Glory in 1989 that
showed us Washington knew how to tip a hat for prime effect. He took the Union army’s cap to
new styles—even besting Morgan Freeman unblocked proxy, we might add.
Denzel+Mark - Italian Job

Wahlberg: Brawn Power

Easily making our earlier list of Top 10 Movie Biceps, Wahlberg has shown off his
chiseled bod in a variety of ways. In The Italian Job he let his mind impress,
all while wearing tight black and brown t-shirts.

Denzel+Mark - Blue Dress

Denzel: Playing the Angles

Washington showed off a bowler-fedora that he played in a variety of ways in
Devil in a Blue Dress. He plays the hat high on his forehead unblocked website,  tipping it for added emphasis.

Denzel+Mark - Departed
Warner Bros.

Wahlberg: Office Wear

Mark went for a (tight-fitting) dress shirt—and
suspendera—in The Departed. That’s showing your reach.

Denzel+Mark - Preachers Wife
Buena Vista

Denzel: The Classic Look

 In 1996’s The Preacher’s Wife, Denzel wore his high-topped hat straight
and level, letting the brim do all the work.

Denzel+Mark - Shooter

Wahlberg: Muscle Memories

The rage in fashion these days, Wahlberg wore a tank top before it was cool, in the 2007 movie Shooter.
Nothing quite shows off all the biceps, triceps and even lats as well as a snug tank top
Denzel+Mark - Training Day
Warner Bros.

Denzel: Change is Good

We love the fedora, but Denzel clearly wanted to expand his repertoire.
He sported both a bandana and a ball cap in Man on Fire,but the black skull cap
in Training Day took Washington’s headgear to a new (department-store) level.
Denzel+Mark - Fighter
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Weinstein Company

Wahlberg: Gun Show

But Mark adds some manly sweat to his tight shirts in movies like Invincible and The Fighter.
He’s a workingman’s muscle man.

Denzel+Mark - Inside Man

Denzel: Well Suited

And that’s how you rock a suit, matching it up with a fedora that only the
sophisticated few can pull off. We’re talking, of course, about Denzel in Inside Man.
Playing a cocky detective—when is he ever not cocky?—he’s got a wardrobe to match.

Denzel+Mark - 2 Guns

Together, At Last!

The fedeora and the tight shirt form a perfect union in 2 Guns.


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